Integrated Personal Development System (IPDS)

This is a role-based rather than rank-based system to provide employees of the UK fire and rescue service with a structured career path and fire brigades with a national, consistent, measurable benchmark for training.

The Union has been involved in the IPDS process since 2001.

Stage 2 of the June 2003 pay and conditions agreement, which was effective 7 November 2003, pay was linked to the IPDS role structure.

Detailed negotiations at the NJC have continued since the outcome of the consultative ballot which members endorsed in April 2004.

These negotiations have included guidance for the assessment of competence for each role within the IPDS structure and the assessment of job size for the roles.


FBU Guidance to Officials on using the Integrated Personal Development System Code of Practice April 2009: (Download Document)

In response to numerous concerns raised by members and officials, at Annual Conference and in other arenas, the FBU Workforce Development Group has put together this document which can be used by officials to gain a better understanding of IPDS and enable them to challenge issues or concerns using the information contained within it’.